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Welcome from Pastor Todd

Thank you for your interest in learning more about Blessed Hope Bible Church.

I hope our website gives you a glimpse into who we are, a community of underserving people who’ve been tremendously blessed by God. Here are a couple of things I hope stand out to you.

First, I hope you sense our joy in the Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God and Savior of the world. Our joyful hope in a broken world is unshakably grounded in the Good News that Jesus has reconciled us to God. His death and resurrection have secured for us, and all who believe, eternal life.

Second, my hope is that you hear in the description of our church, a deep and abiding commitment to the Bible, God’s perfect revelation of Himself to us. We gladly submit ourselves, our families, our church, to it’s authority and truth.

Finally, I hope you see in us a community of imperfect people radically changed by God’s grace and kindness. It is to the love and faithfulness of God in Christ to which we cling. We truly have a wonderful Savior. We hope you see Him and worship! Welcome!

Pastor Todd Hautala

Blessed Hope Bible Church is a Gospel-Centered Church Existing to Showcase the Glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.